Thekkady Wild Life Tourism

Periyar Wildlife asylum in Thekkady is a prominent natural life haven saving different types of creatures including elephants, tigers, sambars, gaurs and the extremely uncommon lion tailed macaques. The backwoods is arranged Kerala Travel Packages on the banks of the lake, Periyar. Of the 777 sq kms of zone, 360 sq km has been taken up bythe thick evergreen timberland. Thekkady’s beautiful magnificence alongside its natural life has been drawing in tourists and guests from everywhere throughout the world for a considerable length of time.

Kerala Tour Packages

Presumably the best position in Kerala Tour Packages to see untamed life while doing a vessel trip in Thekkady lake. From the compelling Indian elephant to the Great Indian tiger to panthers, hogs, buffaloes, deers and so forth Thekkady has it all that an untamed life asylum has. The tourism division gives going up the directly into the center of the wildernesses either on feet or on top of elephants. In the event that you need some more magnificent adventure,you can take the way from Moozhiyar to Thekkadi through Gavi turning through the thickest lush miles of Kerala. Elephants are a typical sight in Thekkady and sculling is the favortie past time for most tourist who visits Thekkady. Checkout Thekkady Boatimings and Things to do in Thekkady Tourism .


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