Kumarakom Tourism and Boat Travel

In the event that you have needed to stay in a little town in Kerala for getting a charge out of the backwaters, tasting on delicate coconut water, tasting some genuine Kerala sustenance and encountering the glow of outside air, Kumarakom is the spot you ought to be in when you make a trip to Kerala. Arranged close to the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a drowsy little village with outlandish view and uncommon verdure. The spot offers sailing, house watercraft cruising, angling and touring. Channels, conduits and lakes enlivened with lilies and lined with coconut forests, green paddy fields and mangrove woodlands will be very enticing for any guest to have an anxiety easing excursion make a happy Kerala Honeymoon Packages. Kumarakom is arranged close to Ayemenem town where the prominent book The God of Small Things was situated is the most magnificent position in Kerala  (seemingly) giving you the most delightful Kerala sustenance.

Kerala Tour Packges

Cruising through the casual affluent waters of Kumarakom in an involvement in Kerala in itself. Spread over 14 sections of land, the asylum suits mixed bags of fowls including blue-green, wild duck, egrets, herons, cuckoo, waterfowl, darters furthermore transitory winged creatures. The spot offers watercraft trip around the islands providing for you a stunning knowledge of viewing the fledglings and the nature’s excellence. The asylum is open for open day by day from 6AM to 6PM.Checkout our post on Kumarakom Kerala Tour packages Village and the houseboat involvement in Kumarakom.


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