Trichur the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Kerala has been of nice non secular and cultural significance for several centuries. The district is invested with with wealthy history and culture and has vie a very important role within the political history of South Asian nation. Thrissur is standard everywhere the globe for its Pooram pageant.
Vadakkunnathan Temple:

Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala Tour Packages

The temple is one in every of the oldest and largest temples in Kerala and a classical example of Kerala kind of design with stunning murals delineating diagrammatically, numerous episodes from the religious writing and wood carvings and art items of Brobdingnagian historical price.. this can be one in every of Kerala’s most ancient shrines. It preserves and respects an incredible Mahalingam hid below a large mound of clarified butter. running of clarified butter on the idol is that the main pattern giving within the sanctum sanctorum. Miraculously the clarified butter ne’er melts despite the fact that it gets heat from the atmosphere and also the burning wicks. components of clarified butter mound area unit aforesaid to be over thousand year recent.(kerala tour)
Pooram :

Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala Tour Packages

Trichur pooram pageant is that the major attraction, celebrated throughout April-May, the Elephant umbrella competition is spectacular as fantastically embellished elephants carrying ceremonial umbrellas, takes the immortal on a chariot round the main temple. The close Paramekkavu Bhagavathi Temple and Thiruvambadi Krishna Temple also are participants within the festivals. glorious fireworks area unit on show throughout the celebration.
It is celebrated for the Kerala Kalamandalam, established by writer Sri Vallathol Narayana Menon in 1930. The centre imparts coaching in numerous ancient art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattam, Thullal and people dances.

Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala Tour Packages

It is set 1km aloof from the city. variety of Indian and exotic animals area unit unbroken here. It includes a colossal variety of cervid, monkeys, peacocks, leopards, snakes, even-toed ungulate, etc. menagerie opens for public at ten am. and closes at five pm.
Museum : It is set adjacent to the menagerie. a set of articles associated with past days area unit found here.(kerala tour packages)
Peechy Dam
This place is 24 kilometre aloof from Thrissur. The wild life and dam sanctuary attract tourists. there’s an attractive garden conjointly.



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