Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala Tour Packages

Parambikulam life Sanctuary is in Chittur taluk in Palakkad district of Kerala between the Anaimalai mountain ranges and Nelliampathy mountain ranges Parambikulam has one in all the biggest population of Bibos gaurus (bison). it’s additionally a surroundings to chital tigers,sloth bears,elephants, sambhars, crocodiles,wild boars and panthers .(kerala tour packages) There also are bonnet macaques, kraits, turtles, darters, decorated cobras, vipers, very little cormorants and black eagles. This park includes a thick cowl of bamboo, rosewood and wood trees. you’ll be able to relish associate degree exciting ride boat cruising on the marshes within the sanctuary. The sanctuary has 2 watchtowers at Anappadi and Zungam, that assist you to relish exciting views of surroundings and life photography.



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